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About AuB

At AuB our passion is connecting people.

At AuB our passion is connecting people.

Our mission is to unite you with the people you need for your business to succeed. That’s why we’re called AuB, a term normally associated with the overlapping circles seen in Venn diagrams. If Circle A is your business and Circle B is the right candidate, then you can think of us as the ‘u’ in the middle – the crossover, or ‘union’.

Before connecting you with potential candidates, however, we connect with you. This way, we can gain a deep understanding of your organisation, culture and teams, so that we know who will be the perfect fit. Understanding your unique business needs also helps us to create and deliver successful development strategies, so you can be sure your new employees continue to grow and approach their work with enthusiasm.

Lasting Connections

As Human Resource and Recruitment experts, we don’t just work with you to meet your current workforce needs – we aim to support the long-term ambitions of your business, too.
Our experience helps organisations to identify, attract and nurture talent, meaning they have the capability and attitude to give them a competitive edge and retain their team members.

We act as brand ambassadors for your organisation and ensure, throughout the entire recruitment process, that the candidate experience is professional, authentic and operated with integrity.

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